R + D + I

Today, in the information and knowledge society where we live, it is beyond doubt that productivity and business competitiveness are closely linked to their innovative activity and its ability to include new technologies. For this reason, SECOM is making significant efforts in this area to ensure that innovation is not an abstract concept, but a reality and a strategic element for the future and key to ensuring the success in an increasingly global and competitive world.

Only by devoting enough resources and managerial capacity to run industrial processes, the capacity of innovation will increase, being this a field of interaction among diverse areas such as marketing, generation of new ideas and concepts, design, prototyping, industrialization, redefinition of business processes, etc. Secom team efforts are aimed to gather all these elements, resulting in a guarantee of quality and design in all the manufactured products. Our constant investment and innovation efforts, with significant resources devoted to R+D+I, focuses clearly to increase our competitiveness through technological innovation while respecting the environmental aspects.

This investment on research, combined with a well-trained and enthusiastic team and the best technical means will continue to give excellent results for SECOM, and also for their clients and the social environment of the company. The fruit of the R + D + I is evident in many aspects:
  • Creation of new products. Our catalog is the most evident proof of this point: original products, innovative design and proven success.
  • Use of new materials, opening doors to manufacturing processes more and versatile.
  • Improved production systems. This is one of the factors that has contributed the most to competitiveness in national and international markets.
These contributions become more important every day, as markets are increasingly complicated. Therefore, SECOM efforts in R + D + I will continue in the future, with increasing investment, turning into a most important goal within the company.

Industrial processes

Competitiveness can be achieved only by means of high technology in today's markets. Therefore, SECOM integrates this technology in all aspects of the production process, from design and prototyping of products for automated storage, to laser cutting, metal injection, computer simulation, etc.

The life of a product starts with conceptual design through frontline CAD tools. Computerized lighting simulations are performed with specialized applications. The prototyping process includes several pieces of high-tech, such as resin prototyping, laser cutting, etc.

The prototypes allow the best fine-tune for new products, enabling numerous tests quickly and cheaply. The computer-assisted laser cutter combines high speed and extreme accuracy, eliminating mechanical and thermal deformations, making unnecessary additional finishing for the edges.
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